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Nasional ke-74

9-11 October2019

Jakarta Convention Center

Facing The Challenges of Industry 4.0 Era

of Electrical Power Technology



What is HLN?

The Directorate General of Electricity – Ministry of Energy & Mineral Resources, PT PLN (Persero) and the Indonesian Electrical Power Society have taken the initiative to conduct The 74th Indonesia National Electricity Day Event Series-2019 on the theme: Facing The Challenges of Industry 4.0 Era of Electrical Power Technology.

The Conference and Exhibition is expected to be officialy opened by the President of Republic of Indonesia and it is expected to be attended by 6.000+ participants from Indonesian and overseas energy and power sectors’ stake holders.



Today, the world is entering the fourth stage of the industrial revolution. The fourth generation industrial revolution or often called 4.0 (four point 0) may give disruption in the existing business process in all sectors, which would necessitate many countries in the world to make preparations. In the face of
this fourth industrial revolution, the Indonesian government has launched “Making Indonesia 4.0 Road Map” as a clear strategy and direction in the readiness to enter and implement industry 4.0 in the country.

Industry 4.0 may also disrupt the energy sector. Presently the world of energy including electricity is undergoing a transformation from the traditional electricity system that we know so far to the individual-system beyond the electricity meter due to rapid technology developments (i.e. ICT) and the existence of new innovations. The three main trends that will support each other and will change the electricity system that we know today are Decarbonization, Decentralization, and Digitalization. These three main trends can encourage the emergence of Electricity 4.0, where the electricity grid will have an additional role and incorporated many customer technologies.

Like it or not, the existence of Electricity 4.0 may give disruption in the electricity supply business and the human resources (HR) needs that exist today. A clear strategy and direction in the readiness to enter and implement electricity 4.0 in Indonesia needs to be established. Therefore, all parties including the government, according to their respective roles should work closely together and join hands to prepare the electricity sector’s grand strategy to be ready with facing the electricity 4.0. We appreciated the efforts of the Indonesian Electricity Society (MKI) organizing seminars and exhibitions in the framework of the 74 National Electricity Day that will be held on 9 – 11 October 2019 in Jakarta. We hope
this event will be beneficial for electricity stakeholders, especially in preparing themselves to be ready in facing the industrial era 4.0, and come up with the idea of grand strategy of the electricity sector in facing electricity 4.0.

Rida Mulyana
The Director General of Electricity’s
Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources​​

MKI is entrusted and supported by The Directorate General of Electricity – Ministry of Energy & Mineral Resources,  PT.  PLN (Persero), to organize the National Electricity Day event.  This Event comprises of a series of events, namely: Conference, Exhibition & Golf Tournament. The events would be held from October 9th to 11th 2019 in Jakarta Convention Center.

I believe that the seminars and exhibition would support the Indonesian power industry in accelerating the national adaptation to the Industry 4.0 advancement in the national electricity system, which in turn would speed up the improvement of the  prosperity  to Indonesians, while the golf gathering would bridge the closer relation among the participants. These events would give benefits not only to all exhibitors and conference delegates but indirectly, also to the people of Indonesia.

In this opportunity, allow me to invite all of you, the stake holders of Indonesia energy and power sectors, to take the advantage of this big Event by becoming event sponsors.

Looking forward to welcoming you in THE 74th INDONESIA NATIONAL ELECTRICITY DAY Event Series – 2019.

Supangkat Iwan Santoso
The Indonesian Electrical Power Society

Welcome to the the 74th Indonesia National Electricity Day Event Series – 2019. The theme of this event is Facing The Challenge of Industry 4.0 of Electrical Power Energy.  The key activities are Conference, Exhibition and Golf Tournament.

The Organizing Committee has invited participants from various international and domestic institutions including  research, industry, government and university to discuss  the latest issues mostly on adapting digital technology on electrical power in the cyber based era”.

The Exhibition will be an exciting and important event which provides excellent opportunities for producers, buyers, utilities and consumers to meet and gain knowledge on various related products and technologies.

Noesita Indriani
Indonesia National Electricity Day Committee


Day 1

The Future of Power System
in the Global Energy Transition

The Challenges and Impacts of
Digital Technology in
Power System and VRE Integration

The Challenges of Power System
in the era of Industry 4.0

Day 2

Distributed Power Generation

Industry 4.0 in Power Sector

Energy System Transition

Integration VRE


Super Grid​

Day 3



New Energy Technology

Integration VRE

Demand Response

Energy Security​​









  • Position your  company as one of major players in the electricity industry
  • New business Opportunities for multinational companies to establish partnership with strategic local partners
  • Promote your business by presenting your company’s current technology and projects
  • Share experiences and expertise amongst national and multinational companies