Indonesian Electrical Power Society


MKI was established  in  1998, based on the  spirit of the Electricity  Law No. 15/1985., as a forum  of communication, coordination  and consultation for the Indonesian electrical power sector stakeholders.

MKI is a non-profit  organization  which activities involve formulating  opinions and ideas to develop and expand the electrical power industry in Indonesia, at the national as well as international  level towards a self-reliance industry  characterized  by the motto: “brighter, stronger, affordable, and outspread”.   MKI members  comprise  of  upstream  to  the  downstream  all stakeholders  in the  electrical  power  sector, covering the entire value chain of activities.

MKI membership   covers  all  elements  from  individuals,   associations,  companies,  cooperatives, to academics, nationals  and  internationals,  which  are directly  associated with  electrical  power sector activities in Indonesia  from primary energy suppliers  to producers  of electricity, equipment manufacturers and support services,down to consumers.

In accordance with the prevailing  law on electricity, GOI should obtain  inputs in the form of public and industry  opinions  and views in their  efforts to develop  a  broad base, integrated  general plan of the national electrical power system. MKI constitutes the right partner for GOI to provide inputs and views with broad perspective and quality covering technology, business and regulatory aspects in line with the wide coverage of MKI memberships.

One of the benefits of MKI membership  is that the positions or views, advocacies and opinions of each member as a player in the Indonesian electrical power sector could be channeled and have a chance to be heard by the policy maker as stipulated by the law.

In MKI, with its team concept, any member could take part by his/her choice and express his/her opinion from the professional, business as well as general points of view in solving problems and addressing up- dated and latest issues.Although MKI might have expressed its positions or views on certain resolutions or issues,M Kl recognizes that members might have different opinions that affect their respective interests.

Another  important   benefit  of  MKI membership  is  the  network  of information   among members  for knowledge  and experience exchange.  In the globalization  era, accurate, fast and timely  information  are becoming important  commodities  to enhance individual and organization competencies that could lead to better business opportunities.

Through  workshops, seminars and conventions  held by MKI, members could expand their intellectual capitals in technology,  business, human relations and personal development  in more focused and cost effective manner. MKI contributions  to GOI and the Indonesian electrical power sector include but not limited to:

  1. Enhancethe roles of all potencies in the electrical power sector in an optimal and professional
  2. Create synergy among the national  electrical power potentials  in a  dynamic, adaptive and ethical manner to support the climate of transparent, rational and efficient competition  so that the electrical power consumers would get electricity at affordable prices
  3. Support the implementation  of GOI power sector restructuring
  4. Provide inputs to GOI in compliance with the stipulation  in Law 15/1985 concerning electricity in the form of regulatory advocacy, public opinions, communication,  and proactive participation in the development  and restructuration  of the sector toward sustainable, self-reliance industry.